March 31, 2023

Sarika Kale Kho Kho Captain Consumed 1 Meal A Day To Arjuna Award

Kho kho captain Sarika Kale consumed 1 meal a day for a decade – Arjuna Award

Sarika Kale, Kho Kho player, wins Arjuna Award this year. She recently shared her inspiring story that shows courage and determination can overcome any hurdle. Tough times are inevitable in life. But how we manage ourselves during these times not only defines our spirit but our future too. Though many of us tend to blame our circumstances, few gather the courage to fight those circumstances for their dreams. And, Sarika Kale is one such brave soul. Irrespective of her tough financial background, this daughter of a tailor has shown the world that nothing is impossible.


Historic Moment for Kho Kho

Sarika Kale was 10 years old when she started playing Kho Kho, a popular tag team sport in South Asia. In a historic moment for Kho Kho, a popular tag game invented in Maharashtra, Sarika Kale from Osmanabad, was awarded the prestigious Arjuna Award for this year, and will be presented with it during a virtual ceremony on 29 August, which happens to be National Sports Day.

This is the first time in 22 years that a Kho Kho player is receiving the Arjuna Award, and the 27-year-old, who is the former Indian women’s Kho Kho captain, could not be more thrilled.

She has played over a hundred matches, including 22 at the National level and she also led the national team to clinch a gold at the 12th South Asian Games (SAG) in Guwahati in 2016.

Championship And Tournament Award

“However, after counseling, Sarika was back on ground and this was the turning point. She continued her game again and last year she got a government job, which helped her to settle.”

“She was then part of the team that won the Asian Kho Kho Championship in 2016 and also won the player of the tournament award in that tournament,” recalled Jadhav, who is also the Joint secretary of Kho Kho Federation of India.

Kale has also won multiple medals in the Senior National Championships in the last 10 years.


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