March 31, 2023

Anandi Gopal Joshi – was one of the first Indian female practitioners of western medicine

Anandi Gopal Joshi: Reading and writing was never easy for women in India. Yes, according to his interest, the King-Maharaja and daughters of large families used to give knowledge of weapons.

But today we will tell that in that era when women were married in childhood, how Anandiben Joshi was proud to become the first woman doctor of the country and how she also reached across the seven seas to complete her studies. And in this dream she was with Indian society.

Today, women are counted as half the population women have reached the space by coming out of the curtains and walls of the house.

Women of science or governance are waving their glory everywhere. Whatever the figures may say, but the condition of women in India has become better than before.

Women are raising their voice, but in the 18th century, hardly any women came out of the house, or even education was limited to only a few families.

Eight and nine-year-old girls were married. In such a situation only one name comes to the fore, who has not only studied in the country, but has also studied abroad.

One such Indian woman is Anandibai Gopal Joshi. Bala, who lost her newborn at the age of 14, had decided that she would become a doctor and she became a doctor after crossing the seven seas, but at the age of 22, said goodbye to this world.

Anandibai Joshi was born on 31 March 1865 in Pune. Currently, that part of Pune is part of Thane in Kalyan Maharashtra. Born in a zamindar family, Anandi’s maiden name was Yamuna.

Her family was a conservative family which knew only Sanskrit reading. It is said that the British rulers abolished the Zamindari system in Maharashtra, after which the condition of their family continued to deteriorate, the family’s life also became difficult.

The family was going through a financial crisis. Meanwhile, at the age of just nine, Yamuna (Anandi) was married to Gopalrao Joshi, 20 years older than her. Gopalrao was 30 at the time and his wife had died.

In the earlier times, when a woman was married, not only her surname but her name was also changed, now Yamuna Anandi Ben Gopalrao Joshi had become.

Anandi Gopal Joshi Became a mother at the age of 14

When Anandi became a mother when she was a teenager, her happiness did not remain, but in just 14 days, her happiness was lost. She had given birth to a son, but due to some disease, her child died within ten days.

She was deeply shocked by the death of the child and this was the turning point of her life. Tundi Anandi had become very strong within herself due to the death of the child and she had decided that now she would not let any child die due to lack of treatment.

She conveyed her wish to her husband . Husband Gopalrao supported her wish and he supported her for further studies and when she decided to become a doctor, there was no allopathic medical education in India, so Gopalrao Joshi Started preparing them to go abroad to study.

America reached amid protests

From the family to the society on the decision taken for Anandi’s studies, there was a lot of clutter but both the husband and wife did not stand in front of the determination.

The society was not ready to believe that a Hindu married woman should study abroad. Doordarshan and Zee Studio have shaped Anandi’s life and struggle as well.

After growing opposition in the society, Anandi said that I am going to America only for medical education, my desire is not to do job but to save people’s lives.

My aim is to serve India and save Indians from untimely deaths.
Anandi’s speech had a huge impact on her society and then the whole society came forward to unite and help Anandi in her studies.

Struggle and the country’s first Indian female doctor

Anandi Joshi traveled from Kolkata to New York via a ship of water. She was received in New York in June 1883 by Theodicia Kapranter.

Anandi did her doctorate from Woman’s Medical College, Pennsylvania. For her studies, Anandi not only sold all her ornaments but also the society helped her. It also includes the Viceroy who gave an aid of 200 rupees.

Anandi Gopal Joshi in a New city-new world

Anandi was a woman with sharp intellect and she reached America amidst the country’s conservative tradition, seeing this, the superintendent and secretary of the college was very impressed with this and she also approved a scholarship of $ 600 for three years of education.

But Anandi’s trouble was not just to fight her society but also to establish herself in a stranger city. Language living and food. She struggled with everyone, helped her in this by Mrs Carpenter, wife of the college dean.

Anandi’s difficulties increased in a cold country. The Maharashtrian sari-wearer had deteriorated and had tuberculosis (TB), yet she completed her studies and graduated from MD in 1885.

She chose her thesis ‘Aryan childbirth among Hindus’. Queen Victoria was also congratulated by Anandi for her studies. At the end of 1886, Anandi returned to India as Dr. Anandi where she was received with a grand welcome.

The princely state of Kolhapur entrusted her with the charge of physician in-charge of the women’s ward at the local Albard Edward Hospital.

But the first woman of the country once again fell victim to tuberculosis and at the age of just 22, she said goodbye to the world. The day he left the world

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