March 31, 2023

“Shekhar Naik” an Indian blind cricketer and a former captain of the Indian national blind cricket team

Cricket: Shekhar Naik, a deprived of eyesight since childhood, is a real-life hero. Overcoming his physical weakness, Shekhar attained the status of a successful cricketer.

Born in Shimoga, a small district of Karnataka, Shekhar was deprived of eyesight since childhood. It was a genetic disease of his family. Shekhar’s mother Nani was also blind. One day, at the age of eight, Shekhar suddenly fell into a River.

This accident gave a new twist to his life. At the same time an eye camp was set up in Shimoga. When Shekhar reached there for emergency treatment, his eyes were also examined. Investigation revealed that Shekhar’s eyesight could return.

Started Cricket playing from blind school

He was brought to Bangalore for treatment and after an operation, Shekhar’s right eye light returned to 60 percent. Shekhar’s father died within three months of returning his eyesight.

A year and a half after the father’s death, Shekhar’s mother got him admitted to a blind school. At this time, he was 11 years old and had taken admission in the first class. During this time he started playing cricket.

Shekhar played state level tournament for his school at this time. His companions used to make fun of his blindness, but the mother would encourage him in difficult times.

Shekhar got his inspiration to achieve a big place in cricket from his mother. By the time he reached the age of 12, Shekhar’s mother also passed away.

Now he had no one who would take care of him and encourage him. Even in this period of struggle, he did not lose courage.

Shekhar used to collect his fees and education expenses by working in the fields in holidays.

A tournament changed life

During this period, the training of a physical trainer of the school was of great use to him. Shekhar explains, he used to stand behind me during practice and hit every wrong shot with a stick.

Because of this fear, I would not miss a shot. Now day and night, cricket used to be in his mind. In 2000 AD, Shekhar surprised everyone by scoring 136 runs in just 46 balls in a tournament and he got admission in Karnataka team.

Now his confidence got a lot of strength. In the final match of a tournament, Shekhar hit an innings of 249 runs, after which all the paths were opened.

He was named Man of the Series in the Under 18 tournament in 2001, after which he was selected in India’s World Cup squad. Shekhar was the captain of India’s blind cricket team in the 2012 T20 World Cup.

Shekhar set a precedent by leading this fierce struggle to this point, where physical incapacity can never be held responsible for a defeat.

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