Dhanushkodi: The Last Land of India renowned for its Ocean magnificence, calm blowing wind while going on its long course at the last tip or the place where there is India. Dhanushkodi is the little town at Pamban island of the province of Tamilnadu.

It well lovely and quiet sea sees pull in the guests of Rameswaram to visits in any event one time here also.Dhanushkodi was attacked and deserted after a cyclonic tempest in 1964. All that is left is the remains that fill in as a reminder of the once prosperous town.


Dhanushkodi, once a Flourishing town

Flanked by the Indian Ocean on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other, Dhanushkodi was previously a clamoring and prospering town – with houses, schools, church, temple, a post office and a rail route station. A huge number of individuals lived in this little town, known as one of the most extravagant fishing belts in the country. Likewise, it was the solitary land line between Sri Lanka and India, and filled in as a significant port for a few explorers and brokers. The sanctuary and the congregation in the town were visited by numerous enthusiasts, making it a favored place of interest.

The town left in remnants by a tornado, 1964

The town once clamoring with local people and holidaymakers the same was exhausted suddenly and totally. On December 22, 1964, a monstrous typhoon twirled across Dhanushkodi with twists blasting up to 170 mph and the whole town was in remnants and abandoned in the result, similarly as it has remained right up ’til today.

Deplorably almost 1,800 individuals lost their lives, and all the houses in the town were bulldozed to the ground. The Madras Government immediately named the town as ‘not good for human habitation’. However, today just few fisher families live here in their covered cottages.

Fantasies and Facts of Dhanushkodi

It is additionally much mainstream place inside the Hinduism religion by its folklore that the God ram had made the bridgee to Sri Lanka which was involved by the demon Ravan where the Ravan kept maa sita. The God ram made the extension with the stones by teaming up with Vanar sena of Lord Hanuman. The extension was made to get back of the maa sita which is in the catch of the evil spirit Ravan.

Dhanushkodi Tourism

It is at 18 km Distance away for Rameswaram . which you can go by Bus no 3 and After that, it is 4 Km away from dhanushkodi which you can go by the private transport to the last place where there is India.

Point to note: Entry after 5 pm is not allowed. No cafes, rest rooms or hotels in Dhanushkodi. The entire tour to and from Dhanushkodi can be covered within 2 hours.

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