March 31, 2023

Doctor Ganesh Rakh – He waives his fees when a girl child born in his Hospital.

Doctor Ganesh Rakh’s father was a daily wage laborer. On one hand, despite the difficult family circumstances, the story of his becoming a doctor is quite interesting, on the other hand, the path adopted by him after becoming a successful doctor is even more inspiring.

He established a 25-bed General and Maternity Hospital

In Hadapsar, a suburb of Pune, in the year 2007. His intention behind setting up a hospital at that place was to help the patients who could not get treatment due to various reasons.

Today, this hospital has carved out a distinct identity for itself and similarly through their work, they are getting new dimensions of success and height.

After starting a hospital

In this area, he found that the number of girls here is very less and with time he came to know that the reason for this is due to the female feticide being done in the area.

Taking a positive step towards stopping this, he decided that if a girl child is born in his hospital, no fee will be charged from her family and all the treatment of mother and child will be given free of cost.

Till now thousands of free deliveries have been successfully done in this hospital, both normal and caesarean. In fact any baby girl is born and celebrated by distributing sweets throughout the hospital.

In an interview to Deccan Herald, Dr. Rakh says, “Female feticide is happening only on such a large scale because the social norms prevailing in us are not only anti-female but they are also anti-female.”

Being a professional in the medical field

I have seen many times very closely the torture that a mother goes through when she comes to know that she has given birth to a girl child. ”

Even more inspiring is the fact that his work has now turned into a social movement and he never thought of its positive impact. Dr. Rakh tells DNA, “Various media institutions prominently featured and printed about my work in their reports.

As a result

I got calls from representatives of about 17 or 18 gram panchayats and hundreds of doctors who promised me not only to have sex tests and abortions but also to pledge to encourage families at their level. Inspiring and will welcome the birth of a girl child.

To date, about 300 doctors living in the interior areas of Maharashtra have become partners in this campaign to fight the social prejudices and prejudices against the girl child and the girl child.”

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