March 21, 2023

“Drishti” an app that allow’s 100 people to make video call at once created by a 10th class student of West Bengal


No Chinese app. What’s in it? 100 people can make video calls at once, such an app was created by Arnab Modak, a Bengali secondary examinee. The name of the app is ‘Drishti’ (Drishti App). Also available on Google Play Store.

This time Digital Desk:

Border conflict has erupted in the mobile app. The central government has banned 59 Chinese apps after 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in Ladakh. Popular apps like TickTock are on that list. But many Indians are skeptical, all the apps that were so important in the work, how to run without them? The idea came to Arnab Modak, a secondary school student from Ghatal’s Radhanagar. He wondered how it was possible to work with one’s own technology without being dependent on foreign enemies. Work as you think. Perseverance, concentration and talent – in this combination he made an unimaginable app. Named ‘Drishti’!

What does this app do?

This app has the facility to make video calls to about 100 people at once. The Drishti App is already available on the Google Play Store. Most notably, the Drishti app allows you to talk to up to 100 people at once, as well as have conversations for as long as you like. Most of the apps on the market where you can talk for half an hour or a little more. Arnab claims that there is no risk of data theft from this app. Note that all those apps have been canceled due to allegations of data theft from Chinese apps.

  • For those who want to study online, this app is very useful.
  • This app will work very efficiently not only for study but also for office work.
  • Note that the mobile app rating agency International Edge Rating Coalition has given Arnab’s ‘Drishti’ app a 3.5 rating.

Arnab Modak the creator of the app “Drishti”

Arnab has passed the secondary examination from Jalsara Ramakrishna High School in Ghatal this year. He was supposed to make an app that came to his mind after the Indo-China conflict in Ladakh. He said that he has been working day and night for the last several days. Some days he ran for 16 to 18 hours to make his dream come true. Hobby has given the name of the app ‘Drishti’!.

Arnab wants to study software engineering in the future. Haradhanbabu, the father of the student, did not want to interfere in his work. He said, ‘Arnav used to be first in class till seventh class. But this mobile addiction lags behind in studies. I was very scared. But he promised that the results of the secondary will be good. He wanted to read about software in the future. We agreed. We are very proud of what he has done.

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