March 31, 2023

“Electroshoe” | Siddharth Mandal from Hyderabad invented Electric Slipper.

“Electroshoe” Invented by an Indian boy

A 17-year-old boy from Hyderabad has taken the initiative to save girls and women from rape-like violence. A student named Siddharth Mandal has made such a slipper for girls that not only will touch the girl’s touch, but this slipper has a sensor which immediately informs the police and the girl’s family about the incident as soon as possible. Will give. Siddharth has named this slipper as ‘ElectroShoe‘. Siddharth claims that if any girl wore this slipper, no one can tamper with it.

Specialty of this “Electroshoe”

The biggest thing about this sandal (Electroshoe) is that this slipper is very similar in appearance to normal slipper, so that no one can doubt girls. No electricity and battery will be required to charge it. It will be charged by walking. Siddharth has done this test himself on a girl who has done absolutely right. The boy says that while going out after wearing it, girls must check whether the battery of the sandal is charged or not.

The slippers have a special type of circuit and rechargeable battery. It will take charge with walking. The more the walks, the more charge will be stored in the slipper. This is called ‘piezoelectric effect’. If someone tries to rape then the victim has to touch the person with the slipper and the body will flow to 220 volts electricity. Apart from this, an emergency message will send to the local police station and the family members of the woman. It is easy to catch the person who has been raped.

Inspired to create such a weapon for girls from Nirbhaya scandal

Siddharth says that the Nirbhaya incident in Delhi on 16 December 2012 shocked the world. Seeing this, he felt that he should do something for the safety of the girls so that the girls can protect themselves because the police is not present everywhere.

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