March 21, 2023

Sports : Roshni Gulati Even at the age of 52, the love for sports remains intact.

Sports: Roshni Gulati of Delhi is showing enthusiasm like youth at an age when players usually retire. Roshni is 52 years old, but in the long jump, high jump, hurdle and race, she is no less agile than her younger partner and looks fainter with enthusiasm.

She has won three gold and one silver medal in the Games organized in the 41st National Masters Athletic Championships 2020 organized by the Masters Athletic Association of Manipur at Khuman Lumpak Stadium in Manipur in February this year.

According to Roshni, the game is under their control. So she wants to keep playing till the last stage of her age. Roshni has also received Indira Award in the year 1998 and State Award from former Chief Minister Sheila Dixit in the year 2008.

Practice daily

As well as shining in the world of sports, Roshni is posted as the Supervisor of School of Excellence in the Directorate of Education, but, taking three to four hours out of her busy schedule from the office, she practices daily in the evening at the ground in Dwarka Sector-10 .

She say that she do not get along with her age due to being elderly. Yet she does not lag behind beating the young players on the practice ground. Along with sports, she is also very social. Wherever she was seen as poor or needy, she would reach out to help them.

Since childhood, I have an interest in sports

Roshni is fond of sports since childhood. She says that she was only nine years old when she played the first National Mini Meet of the year and set a new record in the long jump.

Today, she considers the important contribution of her mother and husband in the place where she is. She says that when she was very young, seeing her love for sports, her mother also used to get up early in the morning to exercise with her and run on the track like her.

Serious illness again started the game

Roshni says that in the year 2004, she came to know that she is suffering from arthritis in severe form. The doctor advised her to bed rest completely. One day after treatment, she came to know that trials are being done at Nehru Stadium for those above 35 years of age.

She practiced hard day and night before going to trial and then after finishing the best, took second place in the 100m Hurdle at the All India Masters Athletic Championships held in Pondicherry. She says that for a moment in the illness, it felt as if she would never be able to play now, but with hard work and dedication, she recovered and she continued to move forward.

Showed off a spate of awards

  • Second prize in the 100m Hurdle at the All India Masters Athletic Championships 2006.
  • 3rd prize in 100m relay at 14th Asia Masters Athletic Championships 2006.
  • 29th National Masters Athletic Championships First prize in 100 meters in 2008.
  • Two Gold and 2 Silver Medals in 15th Asia Masters Athletic Championships 2008.
  • Golden Women’s title at Asian Masters 2010 held in Malaysia
    The title of best athlete at the National Masters held in Hyderabad.
  • Three gold and one silver medal in the 41st National Masters Athletic Championships 2020.

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