March 31, 2023

Fish Rains in Australian Town: A Rare Weather Event

Fourth Fish Rains In Australian Town

In a rare phenomenon, a small town in Australia, Charters Towers, has witnessed ‘fish rains’ for the fourth time in the last 50 years. The news has left many people surprised and intrigued. This article aims to provide more information about this unusual weather event, its causes, and effects.

What are ‘Fish Rains’?

Fish Rains in Australian Town, also known as animal rains, are meteorological events that involve the precipitation of animals instead of water droplets. This rare phenomenon is not fully understood, but it is believed to occur when strong winds or water spouts lift small aquatic animals, such as fish or frogs, into the air and then deposit them on land along with rain or hail.

Charters Towers and Its History with Fish Rains

Charters Towers, a town located in northeastern Australia, has witnessed fish rains on four occasions in the last 50 years. The first recorded incident of fish rains in the town dates back to 1967. Since then, similar events occurred in 1984, 2010, and most recently, in 2021.

Causes of Fish Rains in Charters Towers

There is no single explanation for the occurrence of fish rains in Charters Towers. However, scientists speculate that the strong winds, thunderstorms, and water spouts common in the region could be responsible for lifting the aquatic animals into the air and transporting them over long distances. Once the animals are in the air, they become caught in the updrafts and eventually fall to the ground along with the rain.

Effects of Fish Rains

The effects of fish rains on the environment are mixed. While the phenomenon is fascinating to observe, it can also have negative consequences. For example, in 2010, the fish rains in Charters Towers caused power outages when fish fell on power lines, leading to an increase in maintenance costs for electricity companies. However, the event also provides a source of food for other animals, such as birds, that may feed on the fish.


In conclusion, fish rains are a rare meteorological event that continue to fascinate and surprise people around the world. While the phenomenon has occurred in other parts of the world, the frequency of fish rains in Charters Towers makes it a unique location for studying the causes and effects of this unusual weather event. As scientists continue to study the phenomenon, the people of Charters Towers will no doubt continue to marvel at the unusual weather that surrounds their town.

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