March 31, 2023

Kalyani Srivastava – The Inventor of Desi Air Conditioner cost just Rs 1800.

Kalyani Srivastava’s Air Conditioner

Mera Bharat Mahan: A school Girl from Jhansi has Invented EcoFrenal Air Conditioner at an expense of just Rs 1800. Kalyani, an student of class 11 in Lokmanya Tilak Inter College, Jhansi has done this. Kalyani’s dad Dinesh Srivastava is an educator in the Basic Education Department and mother Divya Srivastava is likewise an instructor.

Kalyani Srivastava

A 16year old young lady from Jhansi, has arisen as a maseeha for people. The young lady has made an earth shattering creation to assist country India with welling the remainder of the world to beat the warmth in an eco-accommodating way! She has thought of the most reasonable AC around the planet – ‘Desi A.C.’, costing just Rs.1800.

16 साल की इस लड़की ने मात्र 1800 रुपये में बना दिया AC, विदेशों से मिलने  लगे निमंत्रण

Air Conditioner Working

The Air Conditioner is worked to the point that it doesn’t cause biological pollution and issues and from now on the social government help perspective has been recalled while arranging such an AC. The plan of the AC fuses a 12-volt DC fan related with a cooler.

The air is conveyed from the fan into the fridge made of thermocol and the cool air is conveyed by methods for a direct made in the cooler which help in decreasing the room temperature by 4-5 degrees when used reliably for an hour.

The simplicity Air Conditioner works with a sun oriented cell and thusly it needn’t bother with power for its working. The hardware isn’t just a deliverer for individuals in the locale where it was planned yet additionally guards the climate from contamination and simple to utilize.

For people in the provincial domains, it’s a no force cost gear and the understudies would in like manner feel incredible moving in to some degree cooler environment moving away from the consuming warmth.

In 2016, Kalyani Srivastava was respected as a feature of the activity ‘Naari Samman’ dispatched by the Uttar Pradesh government in organization with Hindi paper Amar Ujala. Her development proceeded to be chosen by IIT-Delhi for the National Level Model Competition and got a great deal of exhibition.

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  1. I need the contact details of Ms. Srivastava for business discussion purpose. I am a Engineering person of 61 yrs. Please help me. My contact no. 9903888552. I am from West Bengal, Kolkata.

  2. As seeing her age its appreciable, may god bless you my child. Any short of help in this regard would be appreciable

  3. The great invention by dear sister kalyani srivastva. We proud always.God bless her always.

  4. Hey Hi Kalyani,

    I Appreciate your Working skills ,

    Thank you very Much , My Self I’m From Hyderabad,

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  5. Many congrats to Kalyani, for such innovation. I would like to know can we buy this as product. Contact no- 9699816406

  6. Many congrats to Kalyani, for such innovation. I would like to know can we buy this as product. Contact no- 9705169111

    kindly reply

    1. Villagers hi nahi , isey thoda aur achhe se develop kar de to har koi use kar sakta hai. towns me bhi.

  7. good work I am from andhra pradesh. I am interested to buy one to my house. please do reply my contact address is S.Sasidhar Reddy, 1 – 159, Ankireddypalem,Guntur-522005 , +919490750129.

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