March 31, 2023

Know The History of Warangal – Telangana, India

History of Warangal

When Warangal was the capital of the Kakatiya Dynasty from 1195 to 1323 CE, it was known as Orugallu. The region was endowed with numerous monuments, including Lord Shiva’s temple, strong gateways, massive forts, and is located near Ramappa Lake.From 1323 to 1687, the region was ruled by various kingdoms such as the Delhi Sultanate, Nayaks, Bahamani Sultanate, and Golconda Sultanate until it was finally captured by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 1687. In 1724, a portion of Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Telangana seceded from the Mughals to form the state of Hyderabad.

Kakatiya Dynasty
Kakatiya Dynasty

After India’s independence from the British,

The Hyderabad province merged with the Union of India in 1948. The state of Hyderabad was restructured, with Telugu-speaking regions such as Warangal joining Andhra Pradesh.

The most recent history is the separation of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh on June 2, 2014. Warangal is a district in this newly formed state.

Orugallu ( Warangal )

Orugallu- Ek Shila Nagaram,’ literally meaning “city carved out of one stone,” is the origin story of Warangal, an Indian city. Numerous architectural wonders for history buffs, a wildlife sanctuary for nature lovers, shopping malls for shopaholics, and mouth-watering cuisine for foodies; Warangal’s tourism platter has something for everyone.

The city’s landmarks include the Warangal Fort,

Thousand Pillared Temple, Padmakshi Temple, Bhadrakali Temple, and Khush Mahal. The greenery, musical fountain show, and beautiful plantations in the gardens distinguish the Kakatiya Musical Garden and Kakatiya Rock Garden.

The city’s Vana Vignana Kendra is a place to get close to nature and its wilderness. There are also many recreational activities for children here. The Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is located outside of the city and is ideal for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

A journey that concludes with visits to historical wonders, wildlife-rich areas, cultural centres, beautiful artefacts, and mouth-watering food is one to remember.

Telangana cuisine is distinguished by strong tangy and spicy flavours,

With the world-famous Biryani being a must-try dish. Famous snacks include idli, dosa, vada, and rice preparations. Spicy, tangy curries with rice and curd are popular main course options, and Haleem and Harris are well-known non-vegetarian preparations.

Authentic brass articles and Cherial scroll paintings are among the handicrafts available here. If you want to buy handicrafts, you should go to the Lepakshi Emporium. Hanumakonda is well-known for its khadi wear and handwoven durries.

Warangalites are the people who live in Warangal. According to the 2011 census, the population of this city is 8,11,844. The population is made up of a large majority of Hindus and a minority of only 6% Muslims and others.

Freedom fighter and poet Kalonji Narayana Rao, ex-Prime Minister P.V Narsimha Rao, and film industry stars Ajit Khan and Vijayashanti are all from this land. The traditional dress of the people is a sari for women and a lungi with a cotton shirt for men.

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