March 21, 2023

Komaram Bheem a Great Tribal Leader. Who Fought for Gonds “Autonomy” from Nizam’s Rule.

Komaram Bheem district (earlier known as Asifabad district) is a district in the Indian state of Telangana. The town of Asifabad is its district headquarters. It is named after Gond martyr Komaram Bheem.

Komaram Bheem (22 October 1901 – 27 October 1940) was an Indian tribal pioneer who battled against the Asaf Jahi dynasty for the freedom of Hyderabad. Komuram Bheem battled against the medieval property managers during the Nizam’s standard in a guerrilla campaign.

He challenged courts, laws, and some other type of Nizam authority, living off the food of the woodland. He waged war against Nizam’s officers, who he battled until his last breath.
Komaram Bheem

In the light of long term Adivasis battle for patta rights, Komaram Bheem’s commitments stays huge – He epitomizes a progressive symbol for all Adivasi developments and furthermore helps us to remember the failed to remember guarantees of country and state towards the Adivasis.

Komaram Bheem

Stands firm on most extreme conscious footing among Gond Adivasi people group and is considered as a god (pen). Gonds notice Bheem’s demise commemoration consistently on Aswayuja Powrnami and on this day, an occasion is coordinated at Jodeghat to honor his life and battle.

After long battle, 72 years after his death, in 2012 Komaram Bheem’s sculpture was introduced at Tank Bund, Hyderabad. Komaram Bheem will always stay as a pioneer and symbol for age long Adivasi battle of ‘Jal Jangal Jameen’.

It isn’t all the time that one hears name of Komaram Bheem in the line of incredible Adivasi/tribal heads of the country.

However, he has been still a saint in Adivasi battle for self-governance, his acknowledgment has been for the most part restricted inside the limits of Telangana/Andhra Pradesh.

His set of experiences is eradicated from history messages, much the same as numerous Adivasi narratives. Aside from it, not very many realize that ‘Jal Jangal Jameen’ the well known motto of Adivasi developments, was first given by Komaram Bheem.

In his development against Nizams, he contended that total rights on all the assets of forest should be given to Adivasis.

Komaram Bheem had a place with Gond (Koitur) community, and was born in Sankepalli of Adilabad region, Telangana (in 1900). Adilabad area is situated in north Telangana, making border with the province of Maharashtra.

Komuram Bheem

The district was dominatingly populated by Gonds, and was under sovereignty of Gond Kingdom of Chanda (Chandrapur) and Ballalpur. Bheem’s youth was spent with no openness to the rest of the world, he didn’t have any proper instruction, and he grew up seeing and encountering the situations of his kin.

As Mypathi Arun Kumar in his book describes, “Bheem grew up tuning in to stories of exploitaion of Gond and Kolam Adivasis by Janglaat Police, financial specialists, and zamindars.

To endure, Bheem continued moving from one spot to other attempting to secure himself from exploitation of money managers and coercion of authorities.

Harvests created after Podu cultivating, were removed by Nizam officials, Janglaats contending that the land was theirs. They’d cut fingers of Adivasi youngsters, acussing them of illegaly chopping down trees.

Duty were gathered powerfully, in any case bogus cases were enlisted. In the wake of being left with nothing close by from cultivating, individuals had begun moving out of their towns.

In such circumstance, his dad was executed by backwoods authorities for declaring Adivasis’ privileges. Bheem was disturbed by murder of his dad and after dad’s passing, his family moved from Sankepalli to Sardapur”.

The present Telangana state was once important for Nizams rule of Hyderabad state. It was governed by Nawabs of Asifjahi dynasty which was subsequently included into Indian Union in 1948.

During Nizam’s time unbearable expenses were forced and abuse and outrages of neighborhood zamindars were wild on Adivasi masses.

In the foundation of progressing abominations, Bheem dispatched huge disturbances against Nizam government, and began hit and run combat against their military. Making Jode Ghat the centre of his exercises, Bheem proceeded with his guerrilla battle from 1928 to 1940.

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