March 21, 2023

Major Dhyan Chand | The wizard of Hockey even Adolf Hitler compelled salute him.

Major Dhyan Chand

Major Dhyan Chand was born on 29 August 1905 (Major Dhyan Chand Birthday). In the game of hockey, he gave India the success that became an example. The ball started charisma as soon as it hit his hockey stick. That is why he was called a hockey wizard. Dhyan Chand was not only a master of the game of hockey, but patriotism was also full of them. That’s why even the German dictator “Adolf Hitler” had to salute Dhyan Chand. The Government of India celebrates this day in the form of National Sports Day to honor this wizard of hockey.

Berlin Olympic 1936, Major Dhyan Chand

The talk is of the Berlin Olympics, the year 1936 and the date 15 August. Although the history of 15 August is very special in the history of India, but on the same date, 11 years before 1947, the Indian flag was being hoisted the highest in any other corner of the world in Germany. The 1936 Olympics was a different adventure around the players of the Indian hockey team. The reason for this was his strong performance at the Pack Stadium in Berlin.

India scored 10 goals against France’s team in the semi-finals. Four Dhyan Chand alone. France was considered the power house of European hockey. But they completely collapsed in front of the Indian team. India faced hosts Germany in the final. The date was August 15, 1936. However, before the final, there was an atmosphere of fear and anxiety in the Indian camp rather than excitement. The reason was the German dictator Adolf Hitler. Hitler was going to watch this match with 40 thousand spectators.

Dhyan Chand’s hockey once again played magic in the final. The Indian team won Olympic gold in hockey for the third consecutive time.

Former coach of the Indian hockey team Syed Ali Sibatain Naqvi had said, ‘It was Dada Dhyan Chand, who scored 6 goals in the 1936 Olympic final and India won the match 8–1. Hitler saluted Dada and offered to join the German army. ‘

Naqvi had said, ‘Dada did not say anything on the occasion of prize distribution. There was silence throughout the stadium. Everyone was afraid that if Dhyan Chand turned down the offer, the dictator might shoot him. Dada told me that he had answered Hitler in a loud voice like an Indian soldier, ‘India is not for sale’.
The 40,000 spectators present in the stadium were surprised when Hitler took a salute instead of shaking hands with them. Hitler said to Dhyan Chand, ‘The German nation sets you up for your country India and nationalism. Hitler gave him the title of wizard of hockey. Such players are born once in centuries.

Interesting facts related to Major

  • Major Dhyanchand was born on 29 August 1905 in the city of Allahabad. His younger brother Roop Singh also represented the Indian team in hockey. Dhyanchand is counted among the best players in the world.
  • Dhyanchand had scored the highest 14 goals for India in the Olympic Games held in Amsterdam. He gave India gold in 3 Olympic Games.
  • During the match between India and Germany, it was rainy, the ground was wet and rubber shoes with no spikes were constantly slipping, so Dhyanchand took off the shoes after half time and started playing barefoot. Playing barefoot, Dhyanchand scored many fine goals. India defeated Germany 8–1 in this match.
  • Dhyanchand is called the ‘wizard of hockey’. He had scored more than 400 goals in his international career.
  • Dhyanchand was the captain of the Indian hockey team at the Berlin Olympics. India defeated Germany on the basis of Dhyanchand’s tremendous performance. Impressed by Dhyanchand’s game, Hitler offered him to join the German army and a officer post, but due to love for the country, Dhyanchand politely turned down the offer.
  • Sports officials in the Netherlands saw the possibility of a magnet in Dhyanchand’s hockey stick, after which they broke it and then examined it but they had not found anything like this.
  • In 1956, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan. His birthday is celebrated as National Sports Day.
  • The ‘Dhyanchand Award‘ is given in the name of Dhyanchand. This is the best sports award that makes a player’s lifetime work proud.

Mera bharat Mahan- I am proud to be an Indian

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