April 1, 2023

Malavath Purna – The first person in India and the first girl in the world to touch the highest peak of Mount Everest

Malavath Purna: They say that when the intention is not high, then a mountain like Everest is also ready to bow down and if it is fixed in the mind, then the height of any success can be easily conquered and the passion to do something in the heart and in the mind If you are enthusiastic, the impossible can also be made possible easily and it is often said that there is no age of talent, it is often heard but proving it is a very difficult task.

On one hand, in today’s age, girls are not allowed to leave the house alone, beyond all, at the age of just 13 years, Malavath Purna. Malavath Poorna has the world’s highest mount Everest on the strength of her passion and passion.

Mount Everest conquered Malavath Purna has become an ideal model for today’s girls, so let’s know Malavath Purna. The entire success story of Malavath Purna is inspired by everyone who can take inspiration from it.

About Malavath Poorna

Malavath Purna was born on 10 June 2000 in Pakal in Nizamabad district of Telangana state, India. Her mother Lakshmi and father Devidas are a poor farmer who hails from a tribal tribe who have been working hard for months on a hard farm.

Malawath Purna’s parents are not able to earn less than Rs. 3000, both of them are uneducated but they want to make something for their children by teaching them. To realize this dream, forget their poverty, their child, Malavath Purna, from their village government school Sent to start studies.


Where Malavath Poorna was fast from the beginning and she always dreamed of doing something different from other girls, but when she reached the ninth grade, her dreams started to be felt and one day during her school inspection IS officer Praveen Kumar.

Pravin Kumar saw her high spirits, and in front of her spirits, he bowed down and then it begins from Malavath Poorna’s success story, which everyone is surprised to know, then let’s come to the full story of Malavath Poorna’s success.

Malavath Poorna’s true story of success

Purna, who lives in the small Pakala village of Telangana, has become such a person, every person is eager to know about her success story.

In the society and the region from which Purna comes, the weight of more than 13 percent of the girls is very less than normal and the literacy rate is only 50 percent. In such a situation, Purna not only paved the way for herself, but has shown the way to success to all the girls like her.

Perhaps this is the reason why a film has been made on Poorna. The name of the film is ‘Poorna’. In this film produced by Rahul Bose, the story of Poorna’s struggle and her success is being shown.

Purna’s parents (Lakshmi and Devidas), who work in the fields, never thought that their daughter would do something, which would make them proud.

Poorna’s full name is Malavath Poorna. She is the second person in the world to touch the highest peak of Mount Everest and the first person in India and the first girl in the world. Actually, when Poorna climbed Everest, she was 13 years 11 months, while Jordan Romero did this feat at the age of 13 years 10 months.


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