March 21, 2023

Venkataraman -The Man Who Provides A Full Meal For Just 1 Rupee For Poor in His Mess.

The Man Who Provides A Full Meal For Just 1 Rupee For Poor in His Mess. #INDIANUNSUNDHEROES

The Incident That Changed Venkataraman’s Life  were stirred a decade ago when a woman came to purchase idlis for her family while her husband was in the nearby hospital. She was dejected when Venkataraman informed her that the idlis she requested (6 pieces for Rs 10) were over and shook her head when he offered her dosas instead at 3 pieces for Rs 10. Dejected, she informed him that three pieces would not be enough to feed the ‘entire family’ who were there in the hospital with her. Moved by her plight, Venkataraman gave her 6 dosas for 10 rupees but the incident left its mark on him.

One Rupee for an Entire Meal!

Mr Venkatraman is serving full meals in just Re 1 to the poor lives. Sri AMV Homely Mess at Erode, Tamil Nadu, owned by this person is happy to serve breakfast, lunch and Full Meal For Just 1 Rupee for each meal. It is situated just outside the government hospital and from where the very idea of serving the poor came to his mind. The attenders in the hospital cannot afford meals throughout the day even , as they are very poor and they may be cutting out their food expenses to buy medicines.

Started The Mess In 1995

The government hospital as it will make it easier for the patient’s attendees to get food. The thing that he observed was that many poor people are struggling so much for just one meal for the day. The movement started when in 2007, one old woman came to his mess to buy idlis for her ailing husband but it was not available. So he asked her to buy 3 dosas for Rs10 which was also very costly for her but she somehow managed to produce Rs 10 and Venkatraman gave her 6 dosas instead.

The selflessness does come at a price.

Since then Venkatraman decided to do something for these poor people who are not able to manage their daily meals. He went into the hospital, did some research, talked with the doctors and nurses and inquired to find that almost attenders of all the patients cannot afford food daily or even tea buscuit in the afternoon.

A lot has changed over the last decade, especially the cost of products and raw materials shares Venkataraman, however, his goal of helping the needy remains undeterred. He shared that is next goal is to serve 100 people every day and has been developing a strong team to support his noble initiative.


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