March 21, 2023

Manya Singh Miss India 2020 Runner-up. She proved that nothing can stop you if you work hard for your Dream.

Manya Singh Miss India 2020 Runner-up

Manya Singh An Auto Driver’s Daughter Became Miss India 2020 Runner-Up, Manya Singh, who hails from Uttar Pradesh, has left everybody feeling pleased after her story turned into a web sensation via social media.

She is a little girl of an autorickshaw driver, and following the success, her battles and motivating story won recognition all over in India.

She fled from her town to Mumbai with dreams in her eyes and she accomplished her fantasies in 2020 by turning out to be VLCC FEMINA MISS INDIA Rupper-up. And she proved that nothing can stop you if you work hard for your Dream. Her rousing story has just won the hearts of many.

She is the live example of “Naari Shakti”, and she proved wrong to them who thinks that ‘Ladkiyon ko padhai karke bhi shaadi hi karni padti hai.’

Heartly Congratulations to Manya Signh. To become an inspiration for every Indian .

Mera Bharat Mahana. I am Proud to be an Indian.


At 14, I boarded the train from my village & left for Mumbai to pursue my dreams,all by myself. I didn’t know where it would lead me, but I knew I was meant to achieve great things.

When I walked out of the station, Pizza Hut was the first place I saw–I somehow got myself a part-time job there & temporary accommodation.

2 days later, when I called Papa, he started crying. But I reassured him, ‘This is where I belong.’ So the next day, both my parents came to Mumbai.
Papa said, ‘We’ll support you’; he drove an auto to make a living. Still, they put me in a good school. Alongside, I also worked part-time–I earned Rs.15,000 a month.

I was 15 when I watched the Miss India Pageant for the first time–I thought, ‘I’m going to win that crown someday & make Papa proud.’ But coming from a patriarchal family, I was told that women are lesser than men. Tauji would say, ‘Ladkiyon ko padhai karke bhi shaadi hi karni padti hai.’

But when I told Papa, ‘I want to compete for a beauty pageant’, he said, ‘Keep working hard & you’ll get there!’ So during my graduation, I auditioned for over 10 pageants, but they’d say, ‘Shakal achi nahi hai’ or ‘You don’t even know English!’.

Things weren’t easy at home either–Papa had mortgaged our jewellery to pay my fees. So if I’d need money to buy clothes, I’d mop the floor at the pizza place. There, I observed how people carried themselves & in college, I’d observe how my friends spoke English.

So last December, I tried again. Because of the pandemic, I gave all my interviews online from my 10*10 slum. Once, when I spoke about my father being an auto driver, people said, ‘You’re just trying to get attention,’ but I was proud of my roots.

And 2 months later, I was declared the VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 – Runner Up! Papa hugged me & said, ‘Manya Omprakash Singh has made it!’ It’s been a week & I still can’t believe it!
Now, I finally have the chance to give my parents everything; I’m going to start by buying them a home.

They’ve supported me relentlessly. Papa believed in a 14-year-old’s frivolous dream of making it big in the city. He believed in me…& that’s why,today,a rickshaw driver’s daughter is standing with a crown on her head.”

Never give up and never lose hope is what Miss India 2020 runner-up Manya Singh from Uttar Pradesh believes in. She ran away from her village to Mumbai with dreams in her eyes. Her inspirational story has already won the hearts of many.
Manya Singh MIss India 2020 Runner-up

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