March 31, 2023

Medicine Baba – 84-Year Old Who Knocks on the Doors of the Rich to Collect Medicine for the Poor

Medicine Baba: Today we are living in a society where there is open robbery in the name of treatment. The price of medicines seems to be touching the sky.

While the money-rich section of the society can easily take treatment and medicines, the earning class as a daily wage laborer dies due to lack of medicines.

For such people he offering his services to the people of society, Omkar Nath Sharma, aged 84, who is known by the name of “Medicine Baba” of Delhi.

Regardless of the price in medicine market, Medicine Baba has been giving medicines to poor patients free of cost for almost 10 years.

Medicine babas roam the streets of Delhi to distribute medicines. Go to the homes of others, take away the leftovers, and then take those medicines to the needy.

Omkar Nath Sharma

“Medicine Baba” worked as a technician in the blood bank of Kailash Hospital located in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.


They have been collecting medicines from the people since that direct accident in front of them in 2008, when an under-construction metro bridge collapsed in Laxminagar, Delhi, in which two laborers were killed and many others were injured.


The injured were treated in public hospitals where Omkar Nath found the injured suffering due to lack of adequate medical care. For almost the last 10 years since the accident of 2008.

Medicine Baba walks out of his house daily wearing saffron kurta which reads, “Mobile medicine bank.

Free medicines to the poor.” Omkar lives in a rented house in Manglapuri area of ​​Delhi with his wife and mentally weak son.

Medicine Baba

Leaves from his home every day at 6 in the morning. He was crippled with both legs due to a car accident at the age of 12, but despite all these troubles, he walks 5–7 km to collect medicines from upper class and lower class homes in Delhi.

Due to the high fare of the metro rail, the medicine babas cannot afford it and hence they travel by bus with the help of senior citizens pass. In remote areas of Delhi where buses do not run, Medicine Baba travels on foot.

In an interview to DNA News

Omkar Nath ji said, “I distribute medicines worth Rs. 4-6 lakhs every month.” In the last few years, ‘Medicine Baba’ has gained popularity due to media reports.

Now people in the city have installed medicine boxes to help them outside some places such as colleges and temples, where people leave medicines that they do not need. Medicine Baba does not make any money for himself with medicines.

There are very few people like Medicine Baba, who even after being so old, are selflessly serving a particular section of the society in this way.

Medicine Baba’s only dream is to establish a medicine bank for the needy people.

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