March 31, 2023

11-year old Tamil Boy becomes World’s first visually Impaired News Anchor

Sriramanujam- World’s first visually impaired news reader from India

Meet T. Sriramanujam the world first visually impaired news anchor. Not only that, he is just an 11 year old Boy. This 5th grader has fulfilled his dream of life by becoming a TV news anchor. He became the first ever to do so. 11 year old T Sriramanujam became a Tamil news channel’s anchor on Friday. The lotus channel, the channel which hired Sriramanujam has stated that he is the World’s first visually Impaired anchor in the world.

Sriramanujam Life

Ramanujam who was born blind, read his first ever news of his life with the help of Braille language for 22 minutes live. As ramanujam read the news regarding the developments and a follow up story about Nepal earthquakes, his family was watching him with tears of joy. At present he has been tasked with reading special newseekly and after some time, Sriramanujam would become a permanent daily news reader, he said.

Sriramanujam said being blind, he wanted to achieve something in life and chose the TV medium, so that many people could see him reading the news. A fifth standard student of Government School at Uliyampalayam on the outskirts of the city, Sriramanujam, hailing from Palani, said he went through these news items six times before going live.

Achieve something big in life

“I was scared in the first two minutes but then it was business and I read it fluently,” he said. Asked what his ambition was, he said he wants to become a Collector. The fifth standard student said, to achieve something big in life he chose television so that people could see him. Having origins in Palani, he also said that he goes through the news six times before going live on air.

“I was scared in the first two minutes but then it was business and I read it fluently,” he said. Belonging to a Government School at Uliyampalayam, Sriramanujam aims to be a Collector in life.

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