March 21, 2023

The story of Naveen Gulia, who became Handicapped from commando, now he changing the life of helpless children.

Naveen  Gulia commando : In the veins of this jawan, who was recruited in the army for the goal of protecting the country by becoming commando, passion was also running. Undoubtedly, if it had remained in the army, it could have reached a higher position. But destiny had a different view.

On 29 April 1995, this person had to face such an accident, after which only breath if left with it. His throat and spine were broken in this accident.

With spinal injury

All of his lower part of the throat was paralyzed. The man underwent treatment for two years. He was still sure that he would be cured, but in 1997, the doctors told him clearly that now he had become disabled.

90 percent of his body had stopped working. The young man who had passion, passion and everything to do something for the country was finished in an instant. However, he was still not ready to believe that he was completely handicapped.

He had to get out in the open air, he had to do something big. He had to change people’s thinking. So he dared and after four months started fully seated in a wheelchair. After some time, if he got better than before, he learned to drive a car in which the accelerator and brake are controlled by hand.

It takes only a few minutes to change a person or choose the goal of his life. One such day came in front of that person, when he decided what he had to do next. He suddenly found a crying 2-year-old baby girl, who had left an abandoned girl.

At this very moment

He had thought that he would take care of Divyang and orphan children. To fulfill this thinking he needed a lot of money. To collect these money and prove himself, he decided to do something big.

With this thought, he set out in his car with two journalists on September 10, 2004, towards 18632 feet high and dangerous pass Marsimik La. He had to make a world record by covering the distance of 1110 km from Delhi in the shortest time.

He proved the world a liar in 55 hours, where people like him are considered helpless. With this, he became the first person to do so and his name was recorded in the Limca Book of World Records. The person knows the person by the name of Naveen Gulia.

At the moment

Naveen’s real identity is his NGO “Apni Duniya Apna Aashiyana“. This is the land that Naveen wanted to prepare for the needy children. He started it in 2007 from Bahrana village in Haryana. He chose Baharana for its debut.

Behrana because girls are very few here compared to boys. This campaign started by Naveen has helped 1200 children from education to sports. More importantly, the number of girls in it is about 700.

Imagine if Naveen would have given up on the day he was told that he had become completely bedridden, would these destitute children have any hope of living? Probably not! Because by thinking like “new one is born in millions“.

Naveen  Gulia commando

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