March 31, 2023

Reuben Paul – Child Hacker who became CEO of an organization at the age of 9.

Reuben Paul is a kid who turned into the CEO of an organization at 9 years old years. At the point when the young men are simply venturing into the dreamland, Reuben Paul has his eyes on the developing technology of the world. The small child is as of now a accomplished app developer, hacker, cybersecurity expert, and CEO of Prudent Games, a game development firm. He is likewise a regarded speaker in the circle of programmers.

Reuben Paul as CEO

Reuben Paul is an Indian kid going to Harmony School of Science in Austin. At the point when he was in 1st grade, and his educator requested that he delineate his profession, he said he tries to turn into a Cyber Spy. Reuben’s parents consistently appreciated and upheld him. He has been finding out about programming and data security for the versatile stage for the recent years. At that point at last, in 2014, he established and turned into the CEO of the Prudent Games with his parents’ assistance.

This organization instructs while engaging the clients. Prudent Games has the proverb, “Learn While You Play.” With his parents and industry pioneers’ assistance, Reuben also founded a cybersecurity awareness and education organization called CyberShaolin. This association has the mission to instruct, prepare, and engage kids with the information on CyberSecurity. He is presently dealing with creating applications that show Cyber Security and Mathematics to kids.

The Child Hacker

Reuben is a welcomed speaker at a young age. He additionally conveys mindfulness talks and the significance of instructing CyberSecurity to kids. Reuben Paul’s been going to a few industry-driving data gatherings essentially with RSA, DerbyCon, and so on A few news organizations consider him a “Child Hacker.”

Alongside these hacking accomplishments, Reuben has likewise become the most youngest individual to have gotten the Shaolin Do Kung Fu Black Belt in America, Besides he was included in Fox TV news channel Austin story. The Child Hacker was the gold medalist in the 2014 USA Gymnastics State Competition.

The Global Child Prodigy Awards list incorporates abilities from different nations and foundations, having extraordinary competency in their field of interest like painting, modeling, writing, business venture, martial arts, music, social work, rtc.

Reuben Paul got the Global Child Prodigy Award. Reuben Paul became CEO at a particularly youthful age and spreads awareness about CyberSecurity.

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