March 21, 2023
Shani Shingnapur

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tShani Shingnapur: An Ancient Temple of Lord Shani

Shani Shingnapur is a small village located in the state of Maharashtra, India, which is famous for its ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shani. The temple is believed to be more than 350 years old and attracts thousands of devotees every year. In this article, we will explore the history and significance of Shani Shingnapur, the legend associated with Lord Shani, and the unique traditions and customs observed by devotees.

History and Significance of Shani Shingnapur

The temple of Shani Shingnapur is believed to have been built in the 17th century and is located in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shani, who is considered to be the God of Justice and is known for his strict punishment to those who commit sins. Although the temple is unique in its architecture as it does not have any idol or statue of Lord Shani. Instead, it has a black stone platform, which is believed to represent the God himself.

The legend of Lord Shani

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shani is the son of Lord Surya and his wife Chhaya. He is known for his strictness in delivering justice and is feared by many. However, there is also a belief that Lord Shani is a just God who rewards those who follow the path of righteousness. The temple of Shani Shingnapur is believed to have been built to appease Lord Shani and seek his blessings for justice and prosperity.

Unique Traditions and Customs

One of the most unique customs observed by devotees of Shani Shingnapur is that the houses in the village do not have any doors or locks. It is believed that Lord Shani guards the village and its people and therefore, there is no need for any security measures. The village has a low crime rate, and there have been no reported incidents of theft or burglary in the last few decades.

Another interesting tradition followed by devotees is that they offer oil to the black stone platform representing Lord Shani. It is believed that this oil has healing properties and can cure many ailments. Devotees also tie black threads around the branches of a tree located inside the temple premises, which is believed to ward off the evil eye.

Shani Shingnapur


Shani Shingnapur is a unique temple that has a rich history and significance in Hindu mythology. The temple attracts devotees from all over the country who seek justice and blessings from Lord Shani. The traditions and customs observed by the devotees of Shani Shingnapur are fascinating and provide a glimpse into the deep-rooted beliefs and customs of the people of India. A visit to Shani Shingnapur is a must for anyone interested in exploring the rich cultural heritage of India.

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