March 31, 2023

Steve Schwarzman CEO of Blackstone who makes Rs 12 Crore per hour

Steve Schwarzman , the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Blackstone, is one of the most successful and influential business leaders in the world. In 2022, he continued to make headlines with his numerous achievements and contributions to the industry. Let’s take a closer look at his achievements in 2022.

The $15 billion Fundraise

One of Schwarzman’s most significant achievements of 2022 was Blackstone’s $15 billion fundraise for its largest-ever private equity fund. The fund, called Blackstone Capital Partners IX, surpassed the company’s initial target of $12 billion and attracted investment from a diverse range of investors, including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and family offices. This record-breaking fundraise is a testament to Schwarzman’s leadership and the strong reputation of Blackstone in the industry.

Steve Schwarzman
Image source: CNBC

Steve Schwarzman Investment in India

Schwarzman also made headlines in 2022 for Blackstone’s increased investment in India. The firm announced that it would invest $6 billion in Indian infrastructure over the next five years, including renewable energy, logistics, and data centers. This investment is a significant boost to India’s infrastructure development and is expected to create thousands of jobs. Schwarzman’s commitment to investing in India demonstrates his belief in the country’s long-term growth potential.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Commitment

As a leader in the financial industry, Schwarzman recognizes the importance of corporate responsibility and sustainability. In 2022, he announced Blackstone’s commitment to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and pledged to invest $100 billion in ESG-focused investments over the next decade. This commitment is a significant step towards addressing the global climate crisis and demonstrates Schwarzman’s dedication to creating a sustainable future.

Steve Schwarzman
Image source: Bloomberg

Philanthropic Contributions

Schwarzman has long been known for his philanthropic contributions, and in 2022, he continued to make a significant impact. He donated $150 million to Yale University to establish the Schwarzman Center, a new campus hub for student life and the arts. He also donated $350 million to MIT to establish the Schwarzman College of Computing, which will focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other emerging technologies. These donations demonstrate Schwarzman’s commitment to supporting education and innovation.


Steve Schwarzman’s achievements in 2022 demonstrate his continued leadership and commitment to driving growth and innovation in the financial industry. From raising record-breaking funds to investing in sustainable infrastructure and supporting education and innovation, Schwarzman is making a significant impact on the world. As he continues to lead Blackstone, he will undoubtedly continue to make headlines and drive positive change in the industry and beyond.

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