March 21, 2023

Sujit Chattopadhyay | An unselfish teacher who charges only Rs 2 per year.

Sujit Chattopadhyay: It is frequently difficult to run over unselfish individuals who might accomplish something for practically nothing consequently, particularly in the contemporary costly climate. Here we have a genuine saint, another name in the rundown of extraordinary characters in India, who hails from Bengal who charges just Rs 2 out of a year to educate more than 350 ancestral and oppressed children. A ways off of three hours from the edges of Kolkata, lies the town of Ausgram in Burdwan. The still area is frequently heard by the sound of stirring trees and peeping flying creatures. In the midst of the quietude, the hecticness is heard coming from Sujit Chattopadhyay’s yard which is clamoring with inquisitive youths amassed each day. indeed, even on an apathetic Sunday morning.

76 year-old Sujit Chattopadhyay is a resigned head of Ramnagar Uccha Madhyamik Vidyalaya. He is a functioning promoter of socio-environmental awareness, and furthermore advances the ideas of social uniformity and eco-accommodating living. Since his retirement, he has given his chance to elevate understudies who come from destitute families. His school which was dedicated as ‘Sadai Fakirer Pathshala‘ (The Eternal Fakir’s School), has been running at Chattopadhyay’s Ausgram home since 2004.

Sujit Chattopadhyay : ‘Sadai Fakirer Pathshala’ (The Eternal Fakir’s School),

It should be referenced here that notwithstanding hailing from a spot with an extreme deficiency of good schools and the closest school being 32 km away, a large number of his understudies at the school have proceeded to get desired positions in board exams.

Chattopadhyay shows sociologies to optional classes and degree-course Bengali to college understudies. He is likewise a functioning crusader of socio-environmental awareness, and in these secluded rustic insides, he advances the ideas of social uniformity and eco-accommodating living.


His school begins at 6:30 AM in the early morning, in some cases even before dawn in the crisp cold weather months, and proceeds up to 6 PM. The classes are the same as that in any standard school, total with participation enlists and even parent-educator gatherings.

His nephew, Utsav, helps him in dealing with the activities.

Utsav says : “While looking for teaching jobs, I suddenly realised that I have a school running in my home. I have always had immense respect for jethu (uncle) and thought of being a part of this beautiful endeavour,” says Utsav.

How His Journey started towards this Great Work

“After retirement, I unexpectedly wound up with a great deal of extra time and did not understand how to spend those extended periods of time. At some point, three young ladies went to my home and communicated their desire to gain from me. I was astonished to realize that they were prepared to go more than 20 km day by day to be my students,” says Sujit Chattopadhyay.

He was overwhelmed from the reaction and certifiable advances to begin coaching little youngsters which prompted the making of Sadai Fakirer Pathshala.

The school has ascended from a class-strength of 3 to 350 dependent on the verbal. Notwithstanding filling in number, the charges didn’t expand a penny with the exception of 1 which was likewise raised on the desire of previous students who have elected to instruct at the school.

Sujit Chattopadhyay referenced, “The expenses basically fill in as a badge of regard for the teacher. These students come from low-pay families. Many are even first generation in their families. They can’t stand to drive for quite a long time every day to go to a decent school. Along these lines, I make an honest effort to help them however much I can.”

Raising Funds for Thalassemia Patients

“I generally get up ahead of schedule and go for a walk around our village. Three years prior, I found a young mother holding up at the bus-stand remain with her kid. It was even before sunrise. At the point when I asked her, she revealed to me that her child has thalassemia. The helpless youngster needs a blood transfussion every few weeks. She separated, saying how troublesome it was for her family to manage the cost of the treatment.”

This incident blended Chattopadhyay profoundly. He looked into the subtleties of the sickness and began bringing issues to light among his students. Then he before long accumulated a gathering of students to go house to house and gather gifts for the thalassemic youngster he had met.

He at that point chose to begin lobbying for Thalassemia awareness. Today, Chattopadhyay deals with a functioning gathering for this reason, where he raises assets for the treatment of thalassemia patients. His mission turned into a standard action with an assortment of assets to support more than 60 thalassemic youngsters in and around the village.

People like you are needed by the world to make a better society. Your are a real inspiration for our nation. A gracious thanks to you sir for the great work you are doing.

Mera bharat mahan ,  I am proud to be an Indian.”

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