April 1, 2023

Super 30 – Know the life of mathematician “Anand Kumar” who doing a tremendous work for poor children.

Super 30

Anand Kumar is a name that few people will be familiar with. Anand Kumar is a mathematician as well as an editor in various national and international level journals.

Apart from all this, he is also identified as the founder of an institute “Super 30“. This institute was started by him in Bihar in 2002. Its main objective is to prepare poor students for admission to IITs and JEE.

In May 2016, director Vikas Bahl, who won the IIFA National Film Award, declared that a film was being made on the life of mathematician Anand Kumar.

The film is to be produced by Preeti Sinha and most of the film will be shot in Patna and superstar Hrithik Roshan will be seen in this film.


Birth and education of Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar’s date of birth is 1 January 1973, and his place of birth is Patna. Anand Kumar’s early life and education is far beyond the present.

His father was a clerk in the post office, who could not afford the private school expenses for his children. Therefore, his education was done in a government Hindi medium school in Patna.

His school name was Patna High School, people of Patna will be well acquainted with this school. From the time of school, he had more inclination towards mathematics and at the time of his graduation, he had submitted papers on number theory.

Which was published in the Mathematical Spectrum and the Mathematical Gazette.

His brother Pranab Kumar has also contributed in Anand Kumar’s progress. Like his brother, he used to share in his mother’s work. Like Anand, Pranav used to sell papad in the streets of Patna.

Where Anand Kumar teaches children in his institute, on the other hand, the management of running that institute i.e., Pranab Kumar manages all the management.


Anand Kumar’s initial journey

Anand Kumar got an opportunity to study at Cambridge University due to his talent, but due to financial crisis in his family, he could not enroll in it.

Meanwhile, on 3 August 1994, his father died and the family situation started to weaken further. During this struggle, he got a job in place of his father, but he rejected it.

At this time, his mother used to make papad for the livelihood of his family, and he and his brother used to sell papad on bicycles. Along with this, he used to teach mathematics to other students for extra income, so that his own expenses could be recovered.

At this time there were no books of foreign books in the library of Patna, which they could read. So he traveled 6 hours to Benaras and stayed in his brother’s hostel room on Saturday and Sunday for two days of the weekend and used to read these books from BHU’s library, and returned to Patna on Monday morning.

Teaching Career and Super 30

From the year 1992, Anand Kumar chose Mathematics as his profession, for this he rented a room of 500 rupees and started his own coaching class Ramanuj School of Mathematics.

Earlier only two students of this class came to study, but in the next 2 years their number increased to 36 and in the third year about 500 students took admission in it.

After this, a poor student came to him in the year 2000, who wanted to do coaching for IIT and JEE, but he did not have tuition fees.

Anand Kumar accepted to teach this child and he was selected in IIT. Inspired by this, he started the Super 30.

Special role of brother and mother managing Super 30

Since 2002, every year in May, an entrance exam is conducted by this coaching, through which 30 students are selected.

Many students take part in this test, out of which 30 such students are selected, who are unable to pay the coaching fees. Tuition is given to these students by this institute, study material is given and their accommodation is also arranged as well.

Here these students are prepared for the entrance exam of IIT. His mother Jayanti Devi cooks for these students and his brother Pranab Kumar manages the management here.

From the year 2003 to 2017, 391 were selected in IITs out of a total of 450 students. From 2008 to 2010, every student of this class was selected in IIT and JEE.

Anand Kumar has not received any support from the government or any private institute for the operation of Super 30. They spend this from another institute Ramanujam Institute.

After the success of Super 30, Anand Kumar got offers from many indigenous and foreign institutions, along with this, the government also offered him for financial help in this, but he did not accept any of them. They want to run the Super 30 with their own efforts.

In the year 2008-10, this institute gave a result of 30/30 and after this, 24 out of 30 in the year 2011, 27 in the year 2012, 28 in the year 2013, 27 in the year 2014, 25 in the year 2015, 28 in the year 2016 and Last year, in 2017, again 30 students got admission in IIT and JEE, and the efforts of Anand Kumar were successful.

Anand Kumar does not accept any kind of donation for this coaching, instead he runs evening classes in Patna.


  • He has also received many prestigious awards from the Government of India and former US President Barack Obama also praised Anand Kumar for his Super 30 campaign.
  • In March 2009, a one-hour documentary was also shown on the Discovery Channel on this ‘Super 30‘ campaign by Anand Kumar. His tremendous story was also published in The New York Times.
  • His name has also been included in the Limca Book of Records in 2009 for coaching poor children to IIT-JEE. His Super 30 campaign was also included in the list of ‘Best of Asia 2010‘ in ‘Time’ magazine.
  • In 2010, he was awarded the ‘Ramanujan Award‘ from the Institute for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (IRDS).
  • In India itself, he was also awarded the Ramanujan Mathematics Award at the 8th National Mathematics Conference in Rajkot. The Madhya Pradesh government had also honored him with the Maharishi Ved Vyas Award and was also awarded a DSC degree from Karpagam University.
  • He has also been awarded in the foreign country from the Government of British Columbia, Canada and the Ministry of Education of Saxony, Germany.
  • Our country has given many great people to the world. He has made a huge contribution in his own field. If someone has done the work of promoting art and literature, someone has brought laurels to the country in the field of sports.

Mera Bharat Mahan – I am proud to be an Indian.

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