March 31, 2023

Meet Akash Manoj the 18-year-old who invented a silent heart attack detector

Akash Manoj To Develop A Device To Detect Silent Heart Attacks

Akash Manoj is one of those prodigies who is born to make it big in life and by his achievements make a positive impact on thousands of lives. Akash Manoj has invented a device which can detect ‘silent heart attack’ and help the patient save his life by taking medical assistance before it is too late. It is interesting to note that ‘Silent Heart Attack’ is not only a major problem in India but all over the world. This invention of Akash could put an end to increasing death rate due to ‘Silent Heart Attack’.

Akash Manoj lost his grandfather Due to a silent heart attack when he was thirteen. Silent heart attacks strike at-risk patients who are affected by nerve damage. Unlike most teenagers, inspired by the intricacies of the problem, Manoj translated his emotions into social motivation and, eventually, into action. At the end of three years of research and experiments funded by the Government of India at various labs across India. His method involves transcutaneously isolating, identifying, spectroscopically analyzing, and sensing elevation in the levels of a cardiac biomarker called h-FABP in realtime — a process that significantly establishes a path to preventative cardiovascular healthcare.

Manoj began his research in this space

Manoj try and find a solution to the problem. After working in various government and private laboratories for more than three years, Manoj has come up with a device that can detect silent heart attacks up to six hours in advance. “It is a watch-like device that you wear around your wrist and place a patch near your chest. The non-invasive device will identify the alarm signal your heart is sending through a unique bio-electric system that I have developed so you don’t need a blood test at all,” says the 18-year-old.

Since the time Akash was in class VIII, he started visiting the library at the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru, which is more than an hour away from his hometown Hosur in Tamil Nadu.

Journal articles are expensive

Manoj visiting the libraries was the only way I could do it. Otherwise, it would have cost more than a crore (of rupees) for the amount I read. I was always interested in medical science and I liked reading the journals…cardiology is my favourite,” said Manoj.

The skin patch invented by Akash has to be attached to the wrist or the back of the ear and it will release a small ‘positive’ electrical impulse, which will attract the negatively charged protein released by the heart to signal a heart attack. If the quantity of this protein – FABP3 — is high, the person must seek immediate medical attention.

Clinical trials for the medical device are on and it could be approved for a human trial. The product would be fit to be launched in the market after two months of human trial, assuming nothing goes wrong. Manoj was awarded at the Intel ISEF 2018 and was conferred with the nation’s highest honor (National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement | Gold Medallion) by the President of India.

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