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Within just 23 days, Avatar 2 becomes the tenth most successful film of all time.

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James Cameron reveals new plot details for Avatar 3.

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The director says that he does not want to show only "the good side" of the Na'vi.

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The Way of Water theory could have far-reaching consequences for Avatar sequels.

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James Cameron discusses whether Avatar will consume the rest of his career.

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Avatar: The Way of Water has surpassed a significant box office milestone.

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James Cameron says that the Stranger Things controversy influenced his decision to create Avatar.

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Some people are boycotting Avatar 2 over ‘cultural appropriation’


Fans of Avatar: The Way of Water are upset about a "giant" plot hole.

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The producer of Avatar addresses rumours of Vin Diesel appearing in sequels.

Avatar producer says Vin Diesel will not be starring in any sequels

Avatar: The Way of Water becomes the sixth-highest-grossing film of all time.