March 21, 2023

Why Khan Sir is known as Second A.P.J. Abdul Kalam of India?

When a person advances in life, his wealth and reputation grow, as do new controversies. I’m going to talk about Khan Sir Patna, the new YouTube sensation. He is in the news because of his surname. Khan Sir Patna is trending on every social media platform, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Khan Sir Patna runs the Khan GS Research Center, a private institute in Patna. He is a well-known teacher in India because of his unique approach to teaching. He has his own official YouTube channel, Khan GS Research Center, with over 9450000 (9.45 million) subscribers, demonstrating his celebrity.

He teaches both online and in person. Khan Sir Patna rose to prominence after posting his lecture videos on YouTube, despite the fact that he had been teaching offline for many years.

Khan Sir Official, his live class, is delivered via a Google app. He has over 100,000 active members (students) there.

Reason Behind his Famous

In India, schools and educators are in plentiful supply. Ironically, most of them are entirely for profit. In other words, they instruct for pay. The initiative to provide education at the most affordable cost was begun by Khan Sir. A student must pay 200 rupees for the entire course.

Khan Sir Patna teaches the kids in a very appealing approach in addition to providing them with an inexpensive education. wherein the student receives a top-notch education at a low cost.

Khan Sir’s real name is Amit Singh or Faizal Khan, right?

For Khan Sir, his native India is the most significant thing in the world. He has spoken extremely harshly of all the nations that wish to hurt India. In his lectures, Khan Sir Patna Sir frequently used the names of Pakistan, China, and America.

Khan If he is in error, Sir Patna has no problem opposing the authorities, a particular person or group, or even a certain faith. He has frequently attacked the government’s bad policies.

He also opposed radical Muslims. Ajmal Kasab and Masood Azhar are two extremists that Khan Sir strongly criticises.

When asked for his real name, Khan Sir never answered. My religion is Indian, my home nation is India, and I work as a teacher, he gently retorted.

He revealed his true identity as Amit Singh during an engaging talk. Then a front against him was established by certain Indian fundamentalists. He did, however, have a weird manner of speaking the name Amit Singh.

Khan Sir Patna is involved in debates for a variety of reasons. His most recent comments on Muslim fanatics is the first and most crucial factor.

The inability of the government to provide quality education at an affordable price and their rising popularity, however, is even more important to critique.

Khan Sir Patna’s real name is Faizal Khan, despite the fact that he never revealed it to the world.

The history of Khan Sir Patna

Khan 1992 saw the birth of Sir Patna, also known as Faizal Khan, in a village near Gorakhpur to a Muslim middle-class family. He’s been a patriot since he was a young child. since the beginning, numerous members of his family have served in the Indian Army.

His real brother is an army commando, and his father is a retired military. Also on his list of options was the Indian Army. Despite passing the written test, Khan was unable to join the Sir Army due to his medical condition.

Khan Sir admitted that he was unhappy when his ambition of serving as an Indian soldier fell through in an interview with Manak Gupta of News24. In order to get himself out of this situation, he started instructing the kids on how to amuse the heart.

Through the Google app, he is currently instructing 1.6 million students. He spends 5-7 hours every weekday on the app taking online classes. Only Indian students can presently access Khan Sir’s app.

Unexpectedly, he charges a pupil 200 rupees to finish the general competition course. He pays the government 96 rupees in taxes out of the sum of Rs 200. He just receives Rs. 104 from each pupil in this way.

In the event that the Khan GS Research Centre course is finished in 4 months, the student would be charged Rs. 26 each month.

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