March 21, 2023

Worlds cheapest water filter made by an Indian boy. Niranjan Karagi the founder of “Nirnal”.

Nirnal water filter

Here and there, the motivation for the most splendid of innovations can emerge out of the most lowering of spots. Such is the situation for NirNal founder Niranjan Karagi while he was playing in a schoolyard close by his home has imagined and licensed the world’s cheapest water filter which costs Rs.30 and can be utilized for 100 times and fits any water bottle and this eliminates 99% of microscopic organisms and other illness causing water toxins.

It is a viable, convenient, reusable, sound and an eco-accommodating water purifier. An item that guarantees ‘Safe Drinking water ‘ at a moderate cost. This goes about as a filter when the water overflows out of Nirnal fixed to the containers. It is not difficult to utilize, imparts taste and also adds some fundamental minerals to the water. It utilizes enacted charcoal, Filter fabric.

How the motivation came for Nirnal water filter

During his free time, he saw some little childrens utilizing the playground and filling up their plastic water bottles from a possibly hazardous tap. Demonstrating the veracity of the scene, Niranjan pondered unfortunately this reality and felt that all youngsters ought to have clean water regardless of their pay or region of home. It was surely not a shock for the youthful pioneer to consider such friendly issues, given his contribution in the LEAD program at AITM College Belagavi. However, it was this specific case that drives him to make something that would have a huge social effect for some individuals.

Water filtration turned into the fundamental topic for Niranjan as he conceptualized thoughts on giving a spotless, ease wellspring of water. Seeing as his exploration uncovered the generally excessive costs charged by contenders for filters, the future business person chose making a water filter that was both entirely reasonable and compact for bottles. His first model utilized materials that were effectively available around the house yet after some help from LEAD, a subsequent model was made that took Niranjan 4 careful months to consummate. The outcome was a little filter that could be fitted into any standard plastic bottle with a unimaginably ease of 30 rupees.

By then, all the difficult work put into the model paid off. Endorsement was given by the Food Divisional Officer expressing that the filter could purify up to 100 liters of water. Besides, Niranjan went to social business venture as a methods for spreading his innovation by consenting to get level-ii hatching support in Belagavi by the Sandbox-IMER center. Sandbox Startups was instrumental to the establishing of the NirNal enterprise, authoritatively enrolled with the Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises in Belagavi. Moreover, the brooding community gave him a stage to seek after his thoughts for his item while acquiring business information about versatility and legitimacy for the reasons for society. Complete with systems administration occasions, organization openings, tutoring, and financial backer meetings, Sandbox Startups was a fundamental springboard to Niranjan’s development as a social business visionary.

This portable water filter can be used for

The social effect of his item has been huge. With the conveyance of his item to different towns, schools, and even India’s military, it is apparent that NirNal has been broadly acclaimed for its brilliant and modest innovation. Yet, on an individual level, Niranjan is content with the way that youngsters could utilize his filter, realizing that they would consistently have a solid wellspring of water as they grow up. Niranjan’s underlying desire to give clean water to everybody has gotten increasingly more of a reality through the methods for his compact water filter. This the truth was caused feasible for a huge number of individuals as 12,000 units of his filter to have just been sold.

Undoubtedly, it is energizing to perceive how NirNal will scale with its water filter. Niranjan himself has expressed that he might want to improve the unit much further while keeping a low value, all while keeping up his objective of giving clean water to every single provincial individual. On the off chance that he were to really prevail in his undertakings, there would be a lot of cause for festivity for this keen innovation.

Appreciation and Awards

Niranjan did his schooling from St. Mary’s school Belagavi and PUC from Govindram Seksaria Science College, Belagavi. Later finished Mechanical designing from Angadi Institute of Technology and Management in Belagavi.

Niranjan presently has numerous honors to his name including Best Entrepreneur Award by Deshpande Foundation – Feb 2017, Best Entrepreneur Award by Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) – Jan 2017, Yuva Shilpi Award by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Memorial Awards given by ISBR Bangalore.

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